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Truck Chassis Repairs & Modificaitons.

Truckrite provides you with professional truck chassis repairs and extensions. We only use the very best equipment and techniques in order to ensure your complete satisfaction. From tool boxes to sub-frames, no job is too small or too large for us.

In the trucking industry, standard stock chassis are not able to meet the requirements of daily tasks in many cases. Therefore, a need for customisation emerges to satisfy the specialised jobs of your business. At Truckrite, we are chassis extension specialists aware of the importance of adapting your vehicles for a better performance of your company duties. For that reason, we offer custom truck and trailer chassis modifications such as lengthening, extensions, shortening, and general chassis repairs. Customised Chassis fabrications are also available.

Modifying the length of your chassis can allow your vehicle to carry heavier loads. Every time we make a modification, we ensure to keep the suspension for optimal performance and safety.

You can be assured your vehicle repairs complies with all Australian regulations and design rules as well as the best practices and methods in the industry.
Truckrite is a proud member of the Australian Heavy Vehicle Repairers Association which audits its members to follow strict criteria, guaranteeing the highest industry repairs standards.

Trailer Chassis Modifications & Repairs in Melbourne

Located in Dandenong South, Vic, we cater for all size vehicles and provide replacement vehicles for not at fault accident claims.

This way you can continue to keep your business running while your vehicle is being repaired by us.

To discuss your needs with us by simply giving us a call on 03 9558 0200 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Truckrite provides its customers with the best level of services and repairs.   

Fully trained and specialised team of technicians are on hand to get the job done!

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