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Replacement Trucks, Buses & Vans Melbourne

Prime Movers, Pantech’s, Curtainsiders, Tippers, Hook lift & Skip Bin Trucks, Buses, Vans & more.

  • Don’t be without a vehicle.
  • Don’t Pay Exorbitant Fees.
  • You get a replacement while your vehicle is being fixed.
  • Our customers get discounted rates.
  • Repairs are guaranteed.

Free* Replacement Vehicles for Trucks/Buses/Vans for “not at fault accidents

  • Don’t Pay For A Replacement Vehicle When Not Your Fault.
  • Free Replacement Trucks/Buses/ Vans*
  • “Not At Fault Accidents – Claim Assist” – The rental will be charged to the at-fault insurer.  “We take care of all the paperwork”.
  • We will confirm liability, arrange a replacement vehicle and deal with the at-fault party directly.  *Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • Written Guarantee On All Repairs.
  • Contact us today to discuss your needs and to find out more about our Replacement Vehicles.

Guaranteed Quality Truck Repairs and Services

Truckrite is Fleetpool approved and offers quality and cost-effective solutions to commercial transport service and repair requirements.

Truckrite does not compromise on quality.  We offer a written guarantee on all truck, bus, and repairs carried out.

Book your commercial vehicle in with us in Melbourne.

Call us on (03) 9558 0200 or email to book your vehicle in.

*Not at fault accident customers may be supplied with a replacement vehicle for eligible claims and the cost of the rental will be charged directly to the at-fault party. Please ask about our terms and conditions.

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