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Truck Wheel Alignment – Axle Repairs & Corrections

If your truck, bus, trailer has an incorrect wheel alignment or needs and axle repair, your vehicle could suffer from what we call increased rolling resistance. This means the engine and steering components are working harder than they need to maintain a constant speed. The result is an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, truck wheel alignment is an important factor for a proper performance of your vehicle.

Another undesired impact is premature tyre wear. Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of wheels so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. An improper alignment setting will cause the inside or outside of the tyre to wear very quickly, leading to unsafe and non-smooth driving. Our experience tells us that this can reduce the lifetime the tyres up to 80%

At Truckrite, we perform wheel alignment for trailer, bus, and other heavy vehicles as well as axle repairs. Contact us for more information.

Our aim is getting the job done when it suits you & getting your vehicle back on the road earning its keep as soon as possible.

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Axis truck repairs and truck wheel alignment in Melbourne, we are located at Dandenong South. Bus wheel alignment. Truck Axle repairs.

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